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Pittsford. Keeping It Green

Supervisor Smith


Town Supervisor
William A. Smith, Jr



Welcome to Pittsford. Keeping It Green section of the Town of Pittsford website

Information on donating, recycling, and reusing specific items.

Information regarding Monroe County's ecopark recycling and waste facility.

Here you can learn about the importance of protecting the environment and about how you can be part of the solutions to a variety of environmental problems. You can also learn about the latest technologies, available assistance and incentives, local vendors, and Town programs and happenings.

By working together to make Pittsford greener, we help make our Town an ever more attractive place to live; we help secure a brighter, healthier, and more prosperous future for our children; and we play our part in the global community.

Why should we all try to be as green as possible? The ecosystem is what sustains life on this planet. Plants provide us with the oxygen we need to breath, the atmosphere protects us from the harsh rays of the sun and keeps the earth's temperature in the range necessary to sustain life, and plants and animals provide us with food. The various parts of the ecosystem depend on each other in a myriad of ways, some of which we understand and some of which we're still discovering. Disturbing one part of the system can have unintended and far-reaching consequences.

In addition to helping protect the life and health of humans, plants, and animals, leading a green life has other benefits too. The environment is intimately tied to the economy, and by conserving and consuming wisely, we help protect and promote prosperity as well. Consuming less can also increase our happiness by helping us to eliminate time sinks and distractions in our lives and to focus more on what's important and what we enjoy most - family and friends, community, and the good things in life.

So are you ready to help save the planet, protect our prosperity, and increase your happiness? Explore this web site for concrete ideas and guidance.

History of the Pittsford. Keeping It Green initiative
Key Actions to help Keep Pittsford Green