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Seniors and the disabled with limited income may be eligible for expanded Town tax exemptions.  This year's filing deadline for the tax exemption is March 1.  Find more information at

Highway Assistant Kathleen Leonard Holds $1000 donation

February is American Heart Month, and our incredible Highway Department team just raised $1000 of personal funds to donate to the American Heart Association in honor of Highway Department Assistant Kathleen Leonard!

In 2021 Kathleen Leonard experienced a life-altering event. One moment she was sleeping peacefully; the next, she was in sudden cardiac arrest.

At just 48 years of age, Kathleen was the picture of health. Fit and energetic, she ate right and exercised regularly. Heart disease wasn’t on her radar, yet it struck in the middle of the night without warning. Years later, the terrified looks in her children's eyes after witnessing their mother's near-death experience still haunt her. Now, she does all she can to spread awareness about heart disease so that her loved ones never have to live through that kind of fear again.

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It's a once in a lifetime event, and we've got plenty of programs and activities to celebrate the Total Solar Eclipse in Pittsford!  View details on our webpage and be sure to join us for

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Two bulldogs with dog license form

By NYS law, dogs age four months and older are required to be licensed.

Pittsford Recreation Senior Exercise Programs

Regular physical activity is a crucial part of maintaining physical and mental health for older adults.